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We're so excited to offer a direct booking feature to all clients, whether we've already seen your pet before, or you are brand new to our hospital! Our reception team is always happy to answer more questions on the phone regarding your pet's specific needs, so don't hesitate to reach out to us. However, for a quick and easy way to book a visit without picking up the phone, simply use our online scheduler below.

Appointment Descriptions

  • Preventative/General Exam:Once a year exam OR 6-month exam, sometimes with vaccines, heartworm/tick disease test (4dx), and bloodwork.
  • New Pet: New pet to our hospital.
  • Sick/Injured: Sick or injured pet.
  • Follow-Up/Recheck Exam: Seen recently for the same/ongoing issue.
  • Kitten/Puppy Progress: Follow-up for additional kitten/puppy vaccines.

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